Hallo Welt

Well, I’m Florian Jacob, an avid Linux user and free software enthusiast in general. Let’s see what I’ll actually end up posting about - I won’t promise to write about any (tech?) topics in specific, but as I’m up to reconfigure my virtual private server from scratch, so I guess the next posts will be on how to self-host your own website, jabber & mail server, ownCloud instance and similar kind of stuff.

I strive to get a replacement for all that services one usually gets from whatever service provider or “the cloud” these days running on my own server. Later on my own hardware, if I can afford it. I’ll report the troubles I run in, and write guides on how to set up those services. So if in the end no one will actually read this blog, at least I sat down and documented why and how I did everything, as I’m sure I won’t remember anything when the server setup needs to be fixed in the future. ;)

Other topics I hope to write about include the great ownCloud project (maybe writing that sentence makes me contributing to the project more often again, I didn’t do anything in the last months I have to admit. :/ ), (game-) programming, and maybe even some gardening or tales from the newly-created pen&paper role playing group I set up with my fellow students a few days ago. Let’s see. :)

Florian Jacob :wq

Remarks? Additions? Corrections? For anything you want to tell me about this blog post, feel free to send me an email[*].
Despite having no comments section (isn't that easy with a static site generator and without relying on a proprietary 3rd party service), I greatly appreciate direct feedback. 😉 In case of additions, I'll mention the name from the mail if you don't object.

[*]: Mails from small independent mailservers are my mailserver's favourite! ❤
If you don't want to keep one on your own, you can pay various admins about 1€ per month to do so for you, e.g. at posteo, mailbox.org, jit-creatives, or at most webhosting providers like netcup or 1&1 in case you want to have your own domain name on top.