Learning Japanese: Second Semester

Another semester has passed, and again we watched Japanese animes with subtitles in the last lesson, we watched the short film The Garden of Words and the first episode of Psycho-Pass series. The Garden of Words has a very sentimental ending, and Psycho-Pass is quite turned in, but still I liked both.

At home I watched My Neighbour Totoro again, like I intended to do half a year ago. The most notable progress was that in the meantime, we learned the most basic adjectives, which made quite a difference - I actually understood a few short sentences. \(^_^)/

Let me give you two example sentences as a showcase of what I learned this semester:

たんじょうび は かのじょう に あおい トトロ を あげましあ。
トトロ は とても かわいい そして いちご が いちばん すき です。

Tanjoubi wa kanojou ni aoi totoro wo agemashita.
Totoro wa totemo kawaii soshite ichigo ga ichiban suki desu.

For my girlfriend's birthday, I gave her a blue Totoro.
Totoro is very cute and his favourite dish is strawberries.

Interestingly, to like and to disklike are adjectives in the Japanese language.

What else happened? In a c’t article from this semester on online ressources for learning Japanese, titled „Monkey Apple Carbeurator“ - which is, as I then remembered, a quotation from a very humoristic article about learning Japanese that I read years and years ago. And now after actually having learned a year of Japanese, that article is even more funny than it was when I first read it - you can find it here: So You Want To Learn Japanese (or read the german translation: Soso, du willst also Japanisch lernen..).

Additionally, in this semester, I had the opportunity to try sashimi, sushi and some wakame salad for the first time, which were quite good, but still something you have to get used to. Before that, I fortunately learned how to eat with chopsticks, this was the youtube video which finally made me understand: The Answer Book: Guide to mastering the chopsticks within 5 minutes (How to hold chopsticks)

After several views and several urges to throw them against the next wall, but then, it finally sunk in. (^_^) I can recommend tortellini as test objects. Have fun trying!

Until next month, また らいげつ。

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